HANGING BIKES is an architectural installation that ties together bold images of the industrial harbour with Bremen as an iconic cycling city. A construction crane hoists up three enormously over-sized silhouettes of bicycles neatly stacked up on top of each other, reminiscent of the Bremer Stadt Musikanten. This installation would be located on the south side of the Weser, adjacent to either Cafe Sand or the Wasserkunst. In order to visualise the symbol in its complete form – with four stacked silhouettes – a cyclist must ride along the northern side of the Weser, raise up their bike at the appropriate vantage point and ask a friend to snap a picture. This picture toys with perspective similar to the way many tourists take whimiscal photos from a distance, but just at the right angle to portray themselves pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, lifting the Eifel Tower, holding The Pyramids of Gaza, etc. Not only will these photos represent a symbol of pride to the Bremer cycler, but it could also quickly garner attention and generate buzz via social media. Upon recruiting sponsors such as Kalkhoff or Schindelhauer, we could also create an online photo contest, where participants could post their best Hanging Bike photos, thus further spreading the word and entering to win a brand new bike.

Many cyclists typically raise their bikes up at the end of long rides or races in order to express their feelings of accomplishment. This gesture undoubtably ties in with the mission of Hanging Bikes as a symbol of pride. We ultimately envision a multitude of Hanging Bikes around the harbour cities in coming years, from Bremen to Bremenhaven to Hamburg and back, highlighting the interconnectivity of the Hanseatic cities. Over time, we hope this will strengthen not only Bremen itself as a cycling city, but also the region surrounding it.